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Meet Soren Meibom

The Global Curiosity Institute is excited to welcome Soren Meibom as Artist in Residence. In this role, Soren will work with our team of curiosity experts to explore the magic between curiosity, science, art and creativity. We will be regularly sharing the fruits of our collective brain power.

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Søren Meibom is a Danish - born visual artist who has lived and worked in Boston for over 20 years. With a background as a professional soccer player and astrophysicist, Søren's mixed-media sci-art works are inspired by his experiences as a scientist, educator, and athlete. His unique perspective and curiosity drive him to explore the intersection between art and science, creating thought-provoking and visually stunning pieces. Visit Søren's website to learn more about his work and artistic journey.

The Physical Ball

Be curious and slow down: Curiosity is about appreciating the detail, about noticing things. Soren's Art lends itself beautifully to this. From a distance, you have one visual perspective, yet when you zoom in, a new and remarkable world opens up.

“The Physical Ball” explores the intimate relationship between the ball and the air. The image tells the story in words, numbers, graphs, and diagrams, about how the air in the ball makes it round and predictable when it is kicked and bounces, and about how the ball's surface interacts with the surrounding air and causes forces that let us control the ball's movements. The work is a tribute to the physical principles and laws that players unknowingly learn to take advantage of when they spend countless hours with their favorite toys.


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Soren's gallery

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