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Book's testimonials

I highly recommend Stefaan’s exceptional book. It focuses on the critical importance of curiosity as a success factor for companies in the 21st century—and shows you how to recognise, develop and nurture curiosity in companies. It is deeply researched and thoughtful, with a plethora of real-life examples from the front-line. This book is a practitioner’s dream.

Dr. Yury Boshyk

CEO and Founder, Global Executive Learning, and Chairperson of the Global Forum on Strategic Transformations, Leadership and Learning

Wondering what you will do when machines do everything? If so, this is the book for you. Curiosity will be an essential skill in the future of work. Curiosity makes us different from machines, so we all need to double down on becoming more curious. This book is your field guide to master curiosity as a skill to thrive in the future of work. In a world of ambiguity, an unquenchable curiosity will rule the day. Are you curious about the future of your work?

Manish Bahl

Chief Executive and Founder

Curious Insight

The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto is a great source of inspiration to intentionally rescue and boost our natural tendency to learning and discovery.

Marcia Platilha

Founder, Lets2Gather

The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to understand curiosity better and to hone the skill. It lays down compelling strategies to develop more curious people or ‘A-players’ for business owners & managers. A must read!

Amit Garg

CEO, Upside Learning Solutions

I have found The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto a mandatory reading for those executives wondering how they can transform themselves and their teams. To my view, curiosity is the trigger of any wishing to increase effectiveness and team performance. Highly recommended.

Carlos Agustin Moreno

CEO, Grupo Altavista 

The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto is an important contribution to shaping companies' understanding of one of the core 21st century character skills. Stimulating curiosity should be key to all learning engineering for the companies of the future.

Ulrik Juul Christensen

CEO Area9 Lyceum

Stefaan van Hooydonk’s The workplace Curiosity Manifesto is the rare new book about business that introduces an important new idea for all companies: Make curiosity the organizing principle of management thinking and action, and hiring too.  As the book amply illustrates, in today's environment of near constant revolution incuriosity risks implosion. Only the curious companies, and managers, can find their way to the future.

Willem Burgers

PhD Marketing and Strategy Professor

What I love with Stefaan’s Workplace Curiosity Manifesto is that it makes clear and tangible how to unleash the unsuspected power of curiosity. Reading it enabled me to clearly see how to make curiosity a tangible and actionable pillar of growth for both individuals and organisations.

Thierry Debeyssac

Partner, Axialent

Excellent and clear. The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto helps you understand why curiosity is essential in a rapidly changing world. It helps individuals, teams and organizations succeed and thrive.

Ewa Hutmacher

CEO, co-founder  Snabbfoting Group AB

The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto is a unique and practical view into curiosity. As Stefaan says, it's a muscle that will be required for sustainable workplace success and can be developed intentionally.

Devendra Naik

Founder NoMoBo Games

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