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Curiosity Masterclass

An 8 hour unique intensive curiosity masterclass for HR professionas

8 - 12 am Eastern Time / 1- 5 pm UK time / 2- 6 pm Central Eastern time / 5-9 pm Gulf standard time 

21 - 22 March 202 

What can you  expect


Curiosity is the fuel that drives inquiry & our desire to explore & connect with the world, others and ourselves. It is a power that drives learning, success, creativity, diversity and inclusivity, problem solving & relationship building. 

The more intentaional we are as professionals and the as well as 

You can expect:

- a diagnostic; Measure your curiosity throughout the program: A unique diagnostic measuring your own curiosity level.

- Inspirational sessions: 8 hours of highly interactive sessions delivered by two specialists

- individual curiosity coaching : a 60 mintue coaching session where you can have your own questions answered

- a 30 day curiosity journey with fun short daily activities and curiosity triggers

- introduction to best practices of HR teams who have embraced curiosity in their talent develoipment andf talent management processess

- to be part of a slightly weird group of professionals  

What will you learn

This masterclass explores curiosity as the metaskill of the 21st century, more specifically:

  • What curiosity is: the multifaceted nature of curiosity

  • What it does: its benefits 

  • How it works: the science behind curiosity and success

  • Why it is important and why now: intentional curiosity as the superpower to help us grow professionally and personally 

  • How best practice organisations are embracing curiosity to optimise productivity & performance.


What you will learn:

  • How you can become (even) more curious about the world around us, our relationships and our deeper self

  • How to become aware of when you show up curiously and when not

  • you can ask better and deeper questions

  • Understand why curious professionals need curious organisations to thrive

  • Understand drivers, beliefs and our stress triggers

  • Strategies to enhance curiosity in yourself and encourage it in others

  • Best practices of HR and L&D in who do this really well 

  • Clarity about your own individual professional curiosity profile

How does the masterclass look in detail 

Course outline

  • Module 1: What is Curiosity and Why Does it Matter at home and at work

In this opening module we will take a step back and explore curiosity: What it is, how it works and what it does, it’s common barriers, how curiosity influences success for professionals and organisations. 

  • Module 2: Curiosity of the Self: Developing Healthy Foundations

In this module, we will explore why self awareness and self-reflection are at the heart of a balanced, sustainable and successful career (and life). We will discuss strategies to become more self-aware and start also to discover how we can encourage others to activate their own awareness.

  • Module 3: Curiosity of Others: Building Healthy Relationships

Success is often more a function of a team effort rather than an individual. We will be working around the theme that the more we understand and activate our empathic curiosity muscle, the better our relationships become. The better we are at understanding empathic curiosity at an organisational level, the easier it is to embrace diversity and inclusion in our midst. This module we will also guide the participants through understanding their own curiosity profile better.

  • Module 4: Curiosity of the world: The joy of exploration

Intellectual curiosity is what drives children (and scientists, artists and many professionals) to make sense of ever evolving the world. In this module, we will explore how to ask better and deeper questions, and reflect on ways to keep curiosity-levels high over time.  

  • Module 5: The role of HR in creating a curious workplace

Curious professionals need curious environments to thrive. In this module, we will discuss best practices in talent management and development. We will also act as advisors for an imaginary company, which will spark ideas towards our own work environment.  

  • Module 6: Keeping Curiosity alive

This last interactive module will help participants to reflect on the various aspects of curiosity. 

  • Module 7: creating a habit

We believe that the best habits are created over time. We therefore have designed a 30 day curiosity practice journey with daily fun, yet insightful, activities. During this time, participants have also the opportunity to have a 1-on-1 curiosity coaching session with one of the facilitators.



Is this masterclass for me?

Who Will Benefit

This one of a kind open program will benefit HR leaders and professionals of start-ups, scale-ups and grown-up organisations. 

How will you benefit:

Curiosity is the meta-skill of the 21st century. When we invest in our curiosity muscle, we will get better at it, when we don’t it will atrophy. The benefits of intentional focus on curiosity are numerous and will be felt both at home and at work. 

The exercises, frameworks and reflection opportunities presented in this unique course will pay off in many ways. It may lead to a new personal curiosity experiment, you may learn new skills to tackle existing workplace challenges, some useful team building skills, cultural considerations or a greater sense of purpose. It will also provide you with ways of thinking about how to make curiosity tangible and actionable in your organization.

It can be custom designed to suit team members, team leaders or senior management. It’s a useful program to deliver in cross-functional teams who need to work together effectively and perform well.

Who are the facilitators 

Your facilitators


Clare Inkster


Clare Inkster is a Curiosity Consultant and Human Insight Specialist.  She’s worked in human insights across a range of global fortune 500 companies including Nestle, McDonald’s, Sainsburys and William Grant and Sons. She’s fascinated by neuroscience, behavior change and psychology and in more recent years has been applying her marketing knowledge to understanding how to help people lead happier lives. Her exploration led to an MSC in applied positive psychology and coaching where she specialised in creating workplace curiosity interventions. At present she’s also been exploring workplace flow-state and lecturing in the psychology of compassion. Clare is a yogi and mindfulness teacher and is frequently amazed by how much the ancient Rishis knew about the brain. She lives and breathes curiosity and truly believes that work should be a place or activity that makes us come alive. 


Stefaan van Hooydonk




Stefaan van Hooydonk is founder of the Global Curiosity Institute and author of the bestselling book: The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto. An experienced global C-suite executive, Stefaan held executive roles as Chief Learning Officer in fortune 200 companies like Royal Philips, Cognizant, Saudi Aramco, Nokia and others. He consults global corporations and leadership teams towards building a stronger curiosity muscle. Stefaan researches the topic of workplace curiosity in companies. He believes that curious individuals need curious environments to thrive and that especially in times of turmoil individuals and companies need to embrace intentional curiosity. With the help of a number of diagnostics his team and he designed, he creates insights on what drives and what enables individuals and organisations to show up curiously. He is a regular speaker around the world on the power of curiosity to benefit professionals, leaders, teams, and organisations.



Curiosity is critically important for a company like ours which is at the forefront of R&D in the learning technology space. Working with Stefaan and the Global Curiosity Institute has given us the opportunity to discuss and reflect on curiosity and how to become even more deliberate about stimulating and encouraging curiosity. I am absolutely convinced that this will help us accelerate and navigate in a fast changing world - and our employees are already asking for when we will do the third round with the Curiosity Institute.

Ulrik Juul Christensen 

Executive Chairman Area9 Group

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