“Are you curious about curiosity?

I took my individual Curiosity scale diagnostic testing from Global Curiosity Institute, a new venture of Stefaan van Hooydonk and learnt few things I should focus on!

You can get your Individual Curiosity Scale Diagnostic done at: https://lnkd.in/gNMk7Rp

Any question of yours, Stefaan will be able to answer.”

Suresh Kumar DN - CEO @ Tesseract Learning Pvt Ltd, Speaker and Learning Evangelist

Michael Krivich, MHA, LFACHE - Transforming marketing. Generating revenue. Growing brands.

“Are you a curious individual? Do you think your perceived level of curiosity about new people and knowledge is good? Are to willing to take a confidential assessment for free that measures your level of curiosity and receive a report? A good friend of mine, and founder of the Global Curiosity Institute, Stefaan van Hooydonk, is offering a free curiosity assessment. I took the assessment and earned a lot about my curiosity. Now it's your turn. I highly recommend that you take the assessment. Just click on this link https://lnkd.in/e8jw-mF. You may be surprised.”

“Thanks for sharing Stefaan van Hooydonk 范汇东. It was a thoroughly enjoyable questionnaire that made me wonder about my own motivations and state of mind. The report was also very quick and comprehensive. I truly am curious about curiosity now :)”

 Charu Pokhriyal, Deputy General Manager – Digital Skilling @ Cognizant

“I have had an opportunity to use “Individual Curiosity Scale Diagnostic” of Global Curiosity Institute. It’s a wonderful scale which helps you analyse various aspects of curiosity – a key lever for our motivation and development in life. I was able to look at curiosity at:

  • My personal level

  • About others

  • About the world

I was particularly impressed with the holistic view, the assessment gives on key aspects like understanding our selves more deeply – our emotions, why we do-what we do, understanding thoughts & feelings of others and our tolerance to stress.

I see the curiosity as a great innovation in the field of Leadership, building high performance team. Workplace learning & talent development.”

Antarpreet Singh – Director – Digital Learning @ Indian School of Business, Speaker, EdTech Innovator, Researcher – OB & HR, Human Capital Development Specialist

“Thanks Stefaan! I have taken the curiosity diagnostic test and it was an eye opener for me to understand self. After taking the test, I got the results which helped me to understand my persona in a more effective way.   I can say with 100% conviction that it has been the most indigenous tool which can help organizations to think in an unparalleled way to build the competencies in their employees.   Please attempt and you will amazed by its sheer transformation and insight. Kudos!”

 V Rajesh - Human Resources Managers @ Cognizant