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Delve deeper into what makes curiosity critical to organisational development and growth today. We regularly collaborate with major education partners to spread the word.

Curiosity: A Leadership Trait for Dynamic Times

Published in Developing Leaders Quarterly, issue 39 (ISSN: 2044-2203), this article explores actionable tools and tips for managers and leaders.

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Creating an Environment to Boost Curiosity at Work

Curiosity is the mindset to challenge the status quo, explore, discover and learn. The right environment can contribute to boosting curiosity levels at organisations. 

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The Curious Leader: Leadership Lessons to Cultivate Curiosity

Going back one step back to discuss a golden skill that is highly involved prior to realising profitable innovative outcomes; namely curiosity.

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Colour and Curiosity

Nature is the ultimate color experience. In our natural environment —  a wide and diverse range of colors are slowly and constantly changing with the seasons, the weather, and the time of day. 

The Business Case for Curiosity

Introduction chapter of the book: Access the first introduction book chapter which sets the stage and explains the business case for workplace curiosity 

Curiosity and L&D 

Access a sample book chapter on exploring the importance of the L&D function in orchestrating a culture of curiosity (excerpt from: The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto)

Companies which enable curiosity are more productive, inclusive, agile, and innovative. Forward looking organisations like Nike, Disney, GE, Merck, Novartis, Dell, and others are increasingly adopting curiosity as a corporate value. 

The ROI of Curiosity

The Planet and Curiosity

Article exploring the delicate interplay between nature and humans. How humans with the right actions can create innovative sustainable solutions and how nature has a crucial positive nfluence on problem solving, stress, fatigue and creativity.

Curiosity and Corporate Culture

Chapter excerpt from: The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto

This article explores the crucial role of curiosity in the evolving reality of Product Lifecylce management, including sustainable product management.

Curiosity as guiding principle for PLM change

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