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We help you see the world from a different angle

Conversation is one of the more powerful techniques for discovering curiosity. It consists in opening yourself, looking at your actions and beliefs from a different angle and changing the vector of your thoughts.

Stefaan van Hooydonk

Founder - Global Curiosity Institute



Sessions last from 30 to 60 minutes.



Leadership teams or entire teams including also individual contributors.

Group size


From 5 to 2500 people.

Type of sessions


Keynote presentations
virtual or live.



Curiosity: the Key Ingredient for Creating a Winning Culture

Research has shown that forward looking curious companies are nore innovative and competitive vs their peers. In this keynote we explore how the c-suite can influence their organizations by embracing the power of curiosity.

Leading with Curiosity

The shadow a leader casts on her/his team is often more important than one realises. Curious leaders uplift their teams, while incurious leaders stifle it. In this keynote, we will explore strategies for leaders to embrace curiosity and create high-performing, engaged and motivated teams.  

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Master your Curiosity to Master your life

We are all born curious, only to find outselves becoming less good at it as we grow older. Yet curious professionals make faster careers, are better at relationships and generally happier. In this keynote, we will be exploring why curiosity is important and what you can do to get better at it.

The Power of Curiosity for HR

The Human Resources function has a tremendous role in creating a curiosity-enhancing culture through their processes and practices. In this session we will reflect on how HR can reflect on  embracing the power of curiosity in the talent management and talent development.

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The power of Curiosity in L&D

Learning and curiosity go hand in hand, yet how much are the learning and development practices in our organisations driven by top-down compliance versus bottom-up exploration. In this session we will learn from best practices and reflect on what L&D can do to embrace curiosity to serve the people in their care better.

Recent Customers

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Thank you for your great talk at our Speexx Exchange As many of my colleagues will testify, I can be quite critical and demanding when it comes to trainers/coaches/hosts/speakers, and so it’s only fair that I also voice my appreciation when I see a talk which is brilliantly delivered. You had me hooked after two minutes and I was sad when the 90 minutes were over. Thank you very much for that!”

Tim Darling

Senior Learning & Development Manager SPEEXX

“Your session was the most insightful at the London Learning Technologies 2022 conference.”

Saurav Jaiswal

Founder and Managing Director - Innostrat Technologies

Stefaan’s opening session at the ATD inaugural Kuwait Conference was a great value-add to our conference, and top-rated by the audience. I look forward to collaborating with him for ATD’s future projects."

Hoda Nagah

Head of Global Programming - ATD

“We have invited Stefaan for multiple client events and each time the participants strengthened their muscles to be curious, gained new insights and walked away with a lot of inspiration to make the world more curious. And that’s exactly what we need at this moment in time.”

Camiel Gielkens 

CEO Schouten & Nelissen Group

“Amazing presentation. Genuinely got me out of my "comfort zone". Congrats for this very interesting event Speexx!”

Christiana Plymenou

HR Manager, Pollfish

We asked Stefaan for our GoodHabitz Event about workplace curiosity as we thought he would be the perfect fit for HR and L&D professionals. And we were completely right! Our audience was inspired by Stefaan’s insights, triggered by his questions, and went home with brand new ideas on how to motivate colleagues to stay curious and to keep learning. We would definitely recommend Stefaan for any future events."

Loes Jacobs

Field Marketeer - Goodhabitz 

“Thank you Stefaan for your inspirational story and provide us with a lot of insights and let us challenge our own curiosity. It was an energetic start for a great day for our team!”

Joyce Beerens

HR Business Partner - Stamicarbon

“Stefaan kicked off day 2 with a truly inspiring presentation about Curiosity and injected a lot of energy into the conference. Perfect for the start of day 2. Thanks Stefaan for your great contribution.”

Håkan Kårdén

Marketing Director - Eurostep Group

Stefaan has proven an excellent speaker choice at the events I chair. He is clearly deeply knowledgeable about workplace curiosity and is able to share his expertise in an engaging way with his audience. He backs this up with his global experience as a Chief Learning Officer in large corporations, which provides real gravitas and credibility. There's no doubt that Stefaan is providing leading thinking and practice in this field and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Donald H. Taylor

Chair of London Technology Conference

“Super thanks for a truly inspiring, enriching, and thought-provoking session!”

Rita Vanhauwenhuyse

Vice President - Executive Networks

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