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Take the free test and receive your own individual curiosity scale diagnostic summary report (9 pages). This report will be sent to your email within 12 hours of submission.

- A calculation of your own curiosity profile

- A detailed explanation of curiosity

- An introduction to the 3 dimensions of curiosity


The knowledge of your own curiosity levels will equip you with an objective picture of how you are doing on the Curiosity scale and will also be a starting point to either the start or the continuation of your journey towards developing a stronger curiosity muscle.

How will my personal information be used?

Your personal information will only be shared with yourself. If you want to share your report with others, you obviously are free to do so, yet we will not share your individual and personal data with others. What we will do is to use your data for research purposes e.g. to compare curiosity of all the people in your age group with all the people in another age group or to compare the score of all leaders in the database vs the individual contributors. All of this research will be done without making use of your name or email address. Our partners Surveysparrow and our webhosting partner Wix are also observing high levels of security. 

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