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The fellows of our collective are at the core of what makes Global Curiosity Institute such a unique organisation. We take pride in the diversity of our team, with each member contributing their unique skills to the projects and clients we are working on and with.

Stefaan Van Hooydonk

Clare Inkster

Clare Inkster is research fellow at the institute. She is a curiosity consultant and human insight specialist.  She’s worked in human insights across a range of global fortune 500 companies including Nestle, McDonald’s, Sainsburys, and Unilever. She’s fascinated by neuroscience, behaviour change, and psychology. In more recent years, Clare has been applying her marketing knowledge to help clients understand how to help people lead happier and more meaningful lives. Her exploration led to an MSC in applied positive psychology and coaching where she specialised in creating and testing workplace curiosity interventions. She lives and breathes curiosity and truly believes that work should be a place of activity that makes us come alive.

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Stefaan van Hooydonk

Stefaan van Hooydonk is lead fellow at the institute and its founder. He is author of the bestselling book: The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto. An experienced global C-suite executive, Stefaan held executive roles as Chief Learning Officer in fortune 200 companies like Royal Philips, Cognizant, Saudi Aramco, Nokia and others. He consults global corporations and leadership teams towards building a stronger curiosity muscle. Stefaan researches the topic of workplace curiosity in companies. He believes that curious individuals need curious environments to thrive and that especially in times of turmoil individuals and companies need to embrace intentional curiosity. With the help of a number of diagnostics his team and he designed, he creates insights on what drives and what enables individuals and organisations to show up curiously. He is a regular speaker around the world on the power of curiosity to benefit professionals, leaders, teams, and organisations.

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  • Stefaan van Hooydonk
Claire Inkster
Laci Loew - photo.heic

Laci Loew 

Laci Loew is a fellow at the Curiosity Institute. With prior positions in global fortune organizations including Accenture, Motorola, and United Airlines, she brings more than thirty years strategic human resources consulting and analyst experience leading senior HR and other business leaders to create and nurture a thriving business and a flourishing workforce. She discusses the complex and rapidly transforming world in which today’s workforce operates and prioritizes the power of data to help leaders make evidence-based decisions while assisting them with people strategies rooted in a growth mindset knowing that curiosity propels idea generation, creativity, engagement, and productivity. Laci subscribes to the research showing that happy, inquisitive employees
working in an inclusive learning environment are healthy and effective thus bringing measurable value to themselves, the teams of which they are a part, and the organization overall.

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  • Stefaan van Hooydonk

Robert Danna

Bob Danna is a fellow at the Curiosity Institute. With more that five decades of leadership experience as a physicist, officer in the U.S. Navy, consulting engineer, and an expert in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Capital Management (HCM), his life illustrates the power of curiosity in driving a professional and personal life modeled as a “career lattice”. In 2005, he joined Josh Bersin to help build Bersin & Associates into a global human capital research and analyst firm, finally serving as its EVP and COO prior to its acquisition by Deloitte Consulting at the end of 2012. Bob then served as a managing director in Deloitte’s Human Calital practice for 5 years before formally retiring from full time employment in 2017. He now serves as a limited partner in a VC firm and a corporate advisor and personal mentor. In April 2024 Bob released his memoir, My Curious Life. Kirkus Reviews describes it as “An engaging, curiosity-driven journey from the 1960s to the present.” That could be a desciption of Bob’s life as well as the book.

Bob Danna photo.png
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Alexandre Santille

alexandre santille.jpg

Alexandre Santille is fellow at the Global Curiosity Institute focussing on bringing curiosity to corporations in Brazil. He is a partner at Teya,  an ecosystem fostering innovative corporate learning initiatives.  He holds a degree in Business Administration from FGV/SP, where he began his entrepreneurial journey in the education field. He furthered his academic journey with a Master's in Business Administration from PUC/SP, researching creative destruction, entrepreneurship, and innovation. His scholarly pursuits continued with a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from USP’s Institute of Psychology, where he explored the realms of influence, power, and leadership, culminating in published works and presentations at international conferences. A Harvard University alumnus (OPM 51), Alexandre's dedication to education and leadership is emphasised by his active participation in academic and professional circles worldwide. His approach, fueled by curiosity, has consistently informed his work, establishing him as an advocate of applied curiosity in the educational landscape and beyond.

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Hilary L. Lichterman

Dr. Hilary L. Lichterman is fellow at the Curiosity Institute bringing curiosity to companies and Higher Ed in North America. She brings nearly two decades of experience leading organizational change in higher education in the United States. She is a dynamic and trusted leader, educator, and scholar. Hilary prioritizes a people-first approach to developing future-focused, innovative, and sustainable organizations. She employs inquiry-based approaches, utilizing data and metrics, and embracing growth-oriented perspectives to engage diverse stakeholders. Hilary has helped organizations examine and position their greatest assets to envision and actualize strategic priorities. She is a champion for centering a curiosity-driven mindset with practical leadership skills to drive positive change and transformation in lives and organizations.

Hilary L. Lichterman, high-res.jpg
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Soren Meibom

Soren Meibom

Søren Meibom is resident artist at the Curiosity Institute.  He is Danish - born visual artist who has lived and worked in Boston for over 20 years. With a background as a professional soccer player and astrophysicist, Søren's mixed-media sci-art works are inspired by his experiences as a scientist, educator, and athlete. His unique perspective and curiosity drive him to explore the intersection between art and science, creating thought-provoking and visually stunning pieces. Visit Søren's website to learn more about his work and artistic journey.

  • Soren Meibom
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