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Why measure curiosity?

With our custom-designed diagnostics, It is possible to measure curiosity, both for the individual as well as the team or organisation. Baselining your current curiosity levels will equip you with an objective picture of how you are doing on the Curiosity scale and will also be a starting point to continue your journey towards developing a stronger curiosity muscle.


A calculation of your own curiosity profile


A detailed explanation of curiosity


An introduction to the 3 dimensions of curiosity


Professional curiosity assessment

If you are interested in exploring the various dimensions of your own curiosity profile within your professional career, I invite you to take this assessment. You will not only receive a comprehensive report detailing your own scores, you will also see how you compare to other professionals in your own industry and others, plus receive solid, actionable improvement strategies. 

Personal curiosity assessment

if you are interested in finding out your individual curiosity profile, you can take this diagnostic and find out how well you score in the different dimensions of curiosity. This assessment can be done by anyone. It is available in 9 languages 


Team curiosity assessment

The team is where curiosity is felt and nurtured.Understanding the diverse mix of curiosity profiles across the team is an excellent way to understand strengths and opportunities of the team across the various dimensions of curiosity. 


Organisational curiosity assessment

With this research-proven company (or department-wide) curiosity assessment, we measure the environmental factors of workplace curiosity i.e. how well does the organisation allow curiosity to flourish through its culture, climate, processes and practices.

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