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Delve into the fundamental aspects of curiosity, tailored specifically for your team

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Why this workshop?

At the Global Curiosity Institute, we believe that curiosity is the catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and growth. Our team curiosity workshops are designed to empower your team with the tools, language, and insights needed to foster a culture of curiosity.

Workshops include:


Defining curiosity within your team: We explore and refine the definition of curiosity as it resonates uniquely within your group.


Identifying curiosity catalysts and barriers: Through collaborative discussions, we identify the driving forces that uplift curiosity and then pinpoint areas where potential barriers may hinder a curious workplace atmosphere.


Strategic actions for curiosity cultivation: We facilitate discussions on strategies for your team to grant permission, enhance awareness, and foster intentional actions that encourage a culture of curiosity.

But here's the twist – our workshops are not just about theory; we bring data into the mix!

Each team member is invited to participate in our exclusive Curiosity Diagnostic Tool.


Receive a personalized, individualized report based on your responses.


During the workshop, we use anonymized aggregate data to uncover strengths and opportunities for collective action.

We commit to acknowledging both strengths as well as areas for improvement. Every team has its unique strengths; but there are always opportunities for growth. Through a dedicated focus on curiosity, our workshops offer:

A new collective language for your team

Insights into your team's current status, emphasizing strengths and opportunities.

A thoughtfully designed and safe workshop environment encouraging active participation.

Engaging activities to push boundaries and bring the team closer.

What sets our workshops apart:


Holistic approach to curiosity:

Intellectual, empathic, and self-reflective curiosity: We recognize the importance of all three dimensions in fostering high-performing teams. intellectual curiosity unleashes the power of intellectual exploration; empathic curiosity fosters a deeper understanding of team dynamics, and self-reflective curiosity encourages introspection and personal growth.


Actionable insights for growth:

Collaboratively identify and consolidate actionable areas for attention within your team. Walk away with actionable strategies tailored to your team's unique composition and goals.

Our workshops, spanning 2 to 8 hours, provide ample time for in-depth exploration and strategic planning.


Proven track record

Trusted by industry leaders such as Kings Hawaiian, IFRS, Mars, Philip Morris, and many others. Our sessions have consistently delivered tangible results in enhancing team dynamics and performance.

   Real-world success stories: Benefit from our experience working with renowned companies, witnessing the transformative power of curiosity in action.


Target group:

Teams seeking to enhance performance and foster a culture of curiosity. 

Dates & Duration:

Date/s discussed with client. Duration is flexible, ranging from 2 to 8 hours so as to accommodate team's unique needs.

Unique feature:

Our unique curiosity diagnostic

Tailored approach:

If desired, each session can be uniquely tailored to align with your company's culture, challenges, and leadership competencies.


Highly immersive programme using quizzes, video material, group exercises, self-reflection moments, and more


Ready to embark on this transformative journey and join the ranks of industry leaders who have experienced the positive impact of curiosity on team dynamics and innovation? Contact us today to schedule your Team Curiosity Workshop and unlock the full potential of curiosity within your team.

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