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If you want to go big on Curiosity, our masterclass might be something for you. An immersive four week curiosity journey together with fellow curious travellers. You have the option to try out the first module.  

Team Meeting

Why this masterclass?

This masterclass explores curiosity as the metaskill of the 21st century and how individuals and organisations can be more intentional about it.

The no.1 character trait of the 21st century ...

It is not by coincidence that the world economic forum has named Curiosity the no 1 character trait of the 4th industrial revolution. Yet curiosity is not well understood: what it is, how it works, what it does, its benefits and barriers, the role of language (curiosity killed the cat), how it influences success for individuals, teams and organisations, what the best strategies are to get even better at it and how to influence the organisational environment.

This masterclass explores curiosity as the metaskill of the 21st century: how individuals and organisations can be more intentional about it.


Target group:

All professionals seeking to excel at curiosity.


Four 90 minute sessions over four weeks, includes entertaining daily activities. Plus a separate 30 minute coaching session

Unique feature:

Our unique curiosity diagnostic.


Highly immersive programme using quizzes, video material, group exercises, self-reflection moments, and more.

Why curiosity matters

Curiosity makes us better individuals and builds our professional expertise. It is the fuel that drives better and deeper questions. It is a superpower that drives learning, enhances creativity, and helps build diverse and collaborative teams. It gives us wings to face the world with courage and to connect at a deeper level with others and ourselves. Curious individuals need curious organisations to thrive. In this masterclass, you will learn what curiosity is, how it works, and how it influences successful individuals, teams, and organisations.

The value of curiosity for you and your organisation

Your own personal Curiosity profile (and barriers)

How to be (even) more intentionally curious (strategies, hint and tips)

How to bring more curiosity in the world (your organisation, your community etc) 




01 April -
03 May 


13 May -
14 June


09 September - 11 October


11 November -
13 December


In this opening module we will take a step back and explore curiosity: What it is, how it works and what it does. We'll also explore the common barriers, how to break them down, and how curiosity influences success for professionals and organisations alike.






Highly interactive sessions


Useful frameworks


Multimedia and quizzes


Proven tools


First-rate support materials





​A personal diagnostic before and after your journey

​A 30 minute personal curiosity coaching session, reflecting on your own curiosity strengths

​Introduction to best practices of numerous exemplary companies 

​Build a network of curious professionals.

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