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to the Global Curiosity Institute, where curiosity is not just a trait;
it's the metaskill that defines success in the 21st century.

Each and every week, we enable boards, leaders and teams worldwide; spanning start-ups, scale-ups, grown-ups and non-profits alike, to unlock their full potential.


At GCI, we are on a mission to empower individuals, organizations, and society to unlock their full potential through a relentless pursuit of learning, discovery, and innovation. We do this by researching workplace curiosity and working with companies to build cultures of intentional curiosity

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Our services and content
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Team curiosity workshops

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Leadership development


Train the

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Team and 
Organisational Diagnostics

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FREE personal diagnostic

If you are interested in finding out your individual curiosity profile, you can take this diagnostic and find out how well you score in the different dimensions of curiosity. This assessment can be done by anyone. It is available in 9 languages. 

Peaked your interest but you'd like to delve deeper or diagnose your team or organisation? We offer a full suite of diagnostics

Our founding beliefs #1

We have no idea what is going to happen in the future to ourselves, our orgs, our societies, or our globe
Forest Road


We invest 15% of our revenues directly into our sustainability work. Find out more about our food forest and black bee colonies.
Thank you for your great talk at our Speexx Exchange As many of my colleagues will testify, I can be quite critical and demanding when it comes to trainers/coaches/hosts/speakers, and so it’s only fair that I also voice my appreciation when I see a talk which is brilliantly delivered. You had me hooked after two minutes and I was sad when the 90 minutes were over. Thank you very much for that!”

TIM DARLING, Senior Learning & Development Manager, SPEEXX

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